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Praying Mantis
Praying Mantis
Sale Price: 26.49 USD
Bring a little charm to your personal decor when you place this Praying Mantis by Hip Vintage on any empty shelf or tabl ... Read More ...
Sun Joe Tiller Joe Electric Garden Tiller/Cultivator
Sun Joe Tiller Joe Electric Garden Tiller/Cultivator
Sale Price: 106.49 USD
Weighing in at a mere 17 pounds, this tiller/cultivator provides all the power of a heavy-duty gas tiller with the conve ... Read More ...
Earthwise 16-inch Tiller Cultivator
Earthwise 16-inch Tiller Cultivator
Sale Price: 153.99 USD
Make easy work of tilling your garden with the Earthwise 16-inch Tiller Cultivator. This tiller features durable, c ... Read More ...
Everlast Mantis Punch Mitts
Everlast Mantis Punch Mitts
Sale Price: 45.49 USD
The Everlast mitts are constructed with a mesh back to ensure breathability. The moisture absorbing, anti-microbial lini ... Read More ...
Breez R2 Propane Tiller - Model# 21046
Breez R2 Propane Tiller - Model# 21046
Sale Price: 399.99 USD
Seller: Northerntool
The Breez R2 Propane Tiller allows you to enjoy the convenience of propane fuel in a powerful tiller. There's no gasolin ... Read More ...

Free Tiller Buyer’s Guide

Do You Really Need a Rototiller?

There are some individuals who rent a rototiller every year for their gardening and landscaping projects. If this describes you, then you may actually be in the market to purchase your own rototiller. Convenient, easy to use, and an excellent investment, a rototiller can shave hours off of the manual labor involved in tilling or turning over the soil to prepare it for use.

There are different types of rototillers. Basically some are sufficient for smaller spaces and minor jobs, while others are industrial and heavy duty models–ready for any type of agricultural task. When deciding which rototiller is best to suit your personal needs, it is wise to take into consideration exactly how often your rototiller will be used and for what purpose.

Different Types of Rototillers:

Garden rototillers have the following advantages – They are lightweight, have adjustable tilling depths, are relatively easy to handle and can fit in smaller spaces (in between closely planted shrubs or trees, for example).

If your soil cultivation basically involves smaller spaces such as described above, a front or mid-tine tiller will work just fine, and is much less expensive than a rear-tine tiller. The front and mid-tine models do require a bit more muscle to handle, but as long as you are in good health, this model is perfect for the weekend gardener. This smaller model will usually require multiple passes over the soil to get the job done. so be prepared to take your time with the project.

If your garden area is exceptionally small, you may even consider the mini-tiller. This front tine tiller weighs in at twenty pounds or less, are inexpensive, can fit in your trunk, and usually have convenient attachments that can quickly turn them into a small digger, or other garden tool.

Rear tine rototillers are made with extra muscle for larger jobs. The entire construction of the machine is heavier and prepares the soil with ease. The powered wheels which pull the machine along, make using the rear tine rototiller a breeze.

Hard, heavily compacted soil? This is not a problem for a rear tine rototiller. If you are a professional landscaper or use a tiller for large land areas, the rear tined tiller is right for you.

Price Consideration:

The price of a quality rototiller depends on more than just the size. Some brands that are considered to be more reliable can cost quite a bit more than other models. The horsepower of the engine also comes into play where price is concerned. Larger tillers equal less effort, since a greater horsepower is involved.

Always consider every factor when making a long-lasting purchase. For a bit more of an upfront investment, you may end up with a much better and faster model, which is able to shave valuable time off of your project. If you make your living off of landscaping projects, factors such as these can make you or break you.

Other Buyer Considerations:

A list of other practical considerations would include tilling depth and warranty coverage. The better brands generally have a more extensive and consumer friendly warranty.

Comparing all variables will help you to make the best choice to fit your needs. A quality rototiller should provide you with many years of reliable use. Choose wisely and enjoy the convenience of your new investment.

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