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Mantis (Hardcover)
Mantis (Hardcover)
Sale Price: 27.74 USD
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Sun Joe Tiller Joe Electric Garden Tiller/ Cultivator
Sun Joe Tiller Joe Electric Garden Tiller/ Cultivator
Sale Price: 145.99 USD
Sun Joe Tiller holds the power found in a gas tiller with the convenience of electric power. This convenient electric ti ... Read More ...
Las mantis religiosas / The Praying Mantis (Hardcover)
Las mantis religiosas / The Praying Mantis (Hardcover)
Sale Price: 27.82 USD
Provides information about praying mantises, among the world's largest insects, including their life cycle, their t ... Read More ...
Breez R2 Propane Tiller - Model# 21046
Breez R2 Propane Tiller - Model# 21046
Sale Price: 399.99 USD
Seller: Northerntool
The Breez R2 Propane Tiller allows you to enjoy the convenience of propane fuel in a powerful tiller. There's no gasolin ... Read More ...
AAVIX AGT307 10 Amp Electric Tiller/Cultivator
AAVIX AGT307 10 Amp Electric Tiller/Cultivator
Sale Price: 124.99 USD
The cultivator will perform an excellent job of turning up the soil as you prepare to plant. It is well designed with gr ... Read More ...

BCS Rototiller

There are a lot of people with a need for a quality rototiller out there. And despite there being such a high demand for rototillers, most people do not have much knowledge about the various types of rototillers that are available. In fact, most people believe that a rototiller is a rototiller and thus base their purchasing decision off of little other than the price of the rototiller. If you are in the market for a rototiller, you would be well served to take a few minutes and learn about what distinguishes rototillers from one another. This article will discuss the BCS Rototiller in detail and provide you with a little insight that you can use when making your rototiller purchase.

BCS markets the BCS Rototiller as one of the more rugged tillers on the market. It is made in Europe specifically for small farms, as opposed to some of the smaller American-manufactured rototillers. The BCS Rototiller is so rugged in fact that it is promoted as a two-wheeled tractor instead of just a rototiller. This does not necessarily make the BCS Rototiller a superior product, but depending on what your needs are, you might find that you want a heavy duty piece of machinery such as the BCS Rototiller. If it is a piece of agricultural equipment you are in the market for, as opposed to a home gardening tool, then the BCS Rototiller might be just what you are looking for.

Here is an overview of some of the features which the BCS Rototiller boasts:

  • * Many BCS Rototiller models have electric starts which make operating the tiller much easier because it eliminates the need for rope-pull starting. If you have ever tried to start a piece of equipment with a rope-pull after letting it sit for a season, you will definitely appreciate this feature.
  • * The till width on the BCS Rototiller is variable, which allows you to adjust the amount of earth that you till. This is a unique feature among rototillers and it really allows you to get your money’s worth with this product.
  • * BCS Rototillers are balanced with precision, making them easy to operate. This comes in particularly handy because the BCS Rototiller is such a rugged machine. Were it not for the superior balancing, this product would be difficult to operate.
  • * Going in reverse with a BCS Rototiller is made easier with a geared reverse feature. This is a must with such a heavy duty piece of equipment because without it, going backwards would be extremely difficult.
  • * BCS Rototillers have an all-gear transmission that is quite powerful. The best part of these transmissions is that they do not have any belts or chains, so maintenance is minimal.
  • * Finally, BCS Rototillers have a planar wedge. This means that when tilling the soil, the upturning of the earth will be consistent and the tiller will not leave any soil unturned.

For those who are serious about getting the job done, BCS Rototillers provide efficiency and effectiveness.

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